Knitting boards / looms

Prices and specifications

The sizes listed below are the standard models we produce. If none of these sizes are what you are looking for please contact us with your requirements and we'll be pleased to give you a price for a custom made loom.

NB. the length given is the total length of the loom. All sizes are approximate.

15cm loom - 32 pins 6mm centres

26cm loom - 48 pins 8mm centres

72cm loom - 144 pins 9mm centres

96cm loom - 170 pins 10.5mm centres

End pin blocks

Standard Loom hook

Chunky loom hook (bottom right)

The 15cm loom comes with fixed spacing between the rakes, all the larger looms come with bolt and variable spacers as standard.









All prices are + delivery

For ordering information please see here