Peg looms

Peg loom weaving is an ancient idea which popularity lies in it's sheer simplicity of use. A strong warp thread is needed but the weft can be made from any sort of yarn or other material including plastic bags for a waterproof effect.
You simply warp up your loom and then weave the weft in and out removing the weave from the the pegs as they fill up. Its a very enjoyable form of weaving and very therapeutic.

Peg looms are used to make rugs, throws, scarves etc.

Examples of peg loom weaving can be seen in the rugs and wall hangings.

Our peg looms are handmade by ourselves and come in four lengths, and all the but the longest come in single and double row configurations.

Stick weaving

Stick weaving is a very simple and highly portable way of weaving. All that is needed is an odd number of sticks which can be held comfortably in the hand. (5 supplied in our pack but 3 can be used for small items) . The sticks are 'warped up' using a strong thread or string , then using the yarn or choice woven in and out of the sticks pushing the woven yarn off the ends as they are filled. Once the desired length is completed the ends are tied off and finished.

Used to make belts, straps, or anything where a long narrow strip of weaving is required.

Peg weaving
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