Knitting boards / looms

Loom knitting on 'knitting boards' has been practised in Europe since medieval times.

Knitting boards are simple devices using two parallel rows of pins called rakes. The size of the stitches is controlled by the distance between the pins and the adjustable distance between each rake. The length of the loom determines how large a piece can be made on it.

There are various ways of warping the yarn onto the pegs and any stitch pattern created on knitting needles can be produced on the loom.

Double rake looms are used to make a reversible fabric where both sides are the 'right side', single rake use of a looms creates a knit fabric that can have a distinctive right and wrong side.

Any knitting pattern can be transferred to use on a loom, and as loom knitting is growing in popularity many specially designed patterns are now available on line.

All our looms are made by ourselves using hardwood. On all but our smallest looms we use a simple system of bolts and washers to provide an easily adjustable gap between the rakes.

For circular and single rake knitting, we offer end pin blocks as an option

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