Extreme knitting is a new technique for the 21st century. It's carried out on oversized, thick, long 'extreme' knitting needles using many strands of yarn at the same time. (possibly in the 100's but more often in the 10's) As everything used is oversized your work will grow very quickly.

You can knit with rope, wool, washing lines, fabric strips, plastic bags, felt and ribbon and pre corded yarn from a knitting spool The great thing about extreme knitting is that you can see the results very quickly and have a completed rug, throw or chair cover in a few hours.

Extreme crochet is the same idea using an oversized crochet hook. Larger sizes now available.

We offer two thicknesses of needle as standard 15mm and 25mm. The 15mm come in 40 and 55cm length and the 25mm come in 45, 60 and 75cm length. All are made by ourselves from hardwood. Other sizes can be custom made, please contact us for further details.

15mm x 40cm needles £14

15mm x 55cm needles £16.50

25mm x 45cm needles £17.00

25mm x 60cm needles £20.00

25mm x 75cm needles £23

Crochet hook £11.50

All prices are + delivery

For ordering information please see here.

Extreme knitting and crochet