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Naal binding means literally, from the Danish, "binding with a needle". In English it is also known as knotless netting. Still popular today in Scandinavia and Peru the technique pre-dates both knitting and crochet.

The basic technique involves the use of a single flat needle traditionally made of bone or wood and short pieces of yarn (about 1 – 2 metres in length). It produces a smoother denser and more durable fabric than knitting.

Nallbinding can be used to make hats, scarves, rugs, and almost anything that could be made by knitting. The technique has recently gained new popularity with metal threads, rather than yarn, being employed to make modern jewellery.

Examples of Naalbinding can be found in the pendant section.

Our Naal needles are made by ourselves using locally sourced timber. They come in a gift bag complete with basic instructions and some yarn to get you started. (colour of contents may vary from illustration)