Normal cutter £2.25

Large cutter £3.75

Latch hook £2.50

Gift pack £7.50

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Rug hooking/latch hooking


Dating back to the 1800's, rug hooking, or latch hooking, is both an art and a craft emplyed to create beautiful rugs and wall hangings. Today it is also used as a therapeutic activity as the repetitive process is very relaxing.

It is carried out by using a hinged hook to form a knotted pile from pre-cut pieces of yarn or fabric push through a stiff woven base. Rug hooking is ideal for using up those odd and part used ball of yarn. Thicker yarns are ideal for our backing but thinner yarns can be 'doubled up' for each hole. Mixing different coloured yarns when doubling up is a great way to add interest to your design.

Our rug cutters come in two sizes, normal and large, to enable two different lengths of pile to be created. The normal produces a cut length of yarn of approx. 70mm, and the large produces a cut length of approx. 110mm.

We also supply a gift pack containing a normal cutter, a latch hook, a section of latch hook backing material, pens to sketch your design on the backing and basic instructions. (colour of contents may vary from illustration)